Aegean: Aizanoi Ancient City, Anavarza Antique City, Aphrodisias Ancient City, Blaundos Ancient City, Ephesus Antique City, Erythrai Ancient City, Hierapolis Ancient City, Kaunos Ancient City, Kolophon and Notion, Knidos Ancient City, Lagina Hekate Ancient City, Laodicea Ancient City, Miletos Ancient City, Musgebi, Pedesa, Pergamon Ancient City, Phokaia, Sardis Ancient City, Stratonikeia, Telmessos Ancient City, Telmissos Ancient City, Tlos, Tripolis.

Mediterranean: Antiphellos Ancient City, Aspendos Ancient City, Chimera, Daglik, Demre (Myra), Etenna, Kekova Ancient City, Kibyra Ancient City, Letoon Ancient City, Limyra, Olba Ancient City, Olympos, Patara, Perge Ancient City, Phaselis, Sagalassos Ancient City, Seleukeia, Selge Ancient City, Selinus, Side Ancient City, Termessos Ancient City, Xanthos Ancient City.

Black Sea: Alacahoyuk Archaeological Site, Hattusha Ancient City.

Marmara: Assos Antique City, Troy Ancient City.

Central Anatolia: Astra Antique City, Cappadocia, Catalhoyuk Neolithic City, Karahoyuk Antique City, Kilistra Antique City.

Eastern & Southeastern Anatolia: Ani Ruins, Arsameia Ruins, Gobeklitepe Temple, Zeugma Archaeological Site.


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