Izmir is a city and third most populous city in Turkey.

West of the Anatolian Peninsula, which the city is

located around the middle of the Gulf of Izmir and the

Aegean Region is an important exhibition center and

port city of Izmir International Fair regulate every year.

As the countrys surface area is the twenty-third largest city.

 West of the Aegean Sea and the Aegean Islands, south of Aydin, Balikesir north, east are the Manisa. Izmir in the west sea,

Cesme Peninsula extends its beaches and thermal centers. Among the most famous cities of the ancient Ephesus, the Roman

 imperial era was one of the worlds largest cities.

All Ionian incorporates the richness of culture, Ephesus had a reputation for intense artistic activity. For this purpose,

“Beautiful İzmir”, “Old Istanbul” and “La Perla de lIonia” (Pearl of the Ionian) was called. Izmir, yachts and is located

at the beginning of a long and narrow bay surrounded by ships. palm trees along the beach, there are palm trees and wide streets.

 Port of Izmir is Turkeys largest port after the port of Mersin. Vibrant and cosmopolitan city Izmir, international art festivals and

 Izmir International Fair and also holds an important place.


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