Booking a  holiday this year?

Then do your homework to avoid nasty surprises when you arrive.

Bypassing the travel agent could save you hundreds of pounds– but only if you know what problems to look out for.

“A lot of people are looking to cut costs and book flightsand hotels themselves, but there are pitfalls to be aware of, says travelexpert . There’s no point saving a few pounds if you spend the holiday worriedthe kids will fall in the unfenced pool, or you can’t sleep because there’s a nightclubnext door to the hotel or Holiday Homes Rental.

It’s important to be careful of scams. “Use reputable sitesto book hotels, Holiday Homes, or phone up the hotelor Holiday Home.

Here are the main issues to be on the look-out for…


Be careful when typing in passengers’ names when bookingonline. “If you mistype a name and it doesn’t match your passport, you mightnot be allowed to fly.

“You might have to pay an admin charge to change it, or evenhave to re-book and pay again

“If your passport says Michael, don’t put down Mike whenbooking tickets.”

Check exactly where you’re flying to – many cheaper airlinesuse airports outside main cities and you may be faced with a long coach journeyto your accommodation.

Websites like Bergin Tours let you book a transfer from theairport to your hotel or Holiday Home if you want one.

If you want to fly with a particular airline, checkinformation on the website when you’re booking.

Even if you’re not bothered, you need to know who you’reflying with as they might use different terminals at the airport.”

Hotels or Holiday Homes Rental

Don’t make anyassumptions. If the hotel description doesn’t mention a pool or a kids’ club,it probably doesn’t have one.

Beware of any hotelwhich doesn’t have a photograph, or just has an artist’s impression. They mightnot want you to see the truth.

Don’t always believewebsite pictures – they might be years old. See if customers have posted theirown pictures on review websites.

Check exactly wherethe hotel is. “If I’m planning to stay somewhere, I always put the hotel’spostcode into Google Street View to see exactly what’s in the area,” saysDarren, who runs website

Check the hotel or Holiday Homes  terms and conditions. Cancellation charges andadditional fees are often hidden away here, for instance supplements for seaviews and room service. “I ordered room service from one hotel and when I paidthe bill I found I’d been charged £8. There was no mention of that on the menubut it was in the terms and conditions.”

Make sure you have booked the hotel and flights for the samedates – it’s easy to make a mistake.

Holiday to TURKEY

Whether you consider yourself a beach bum, a culture vultureor a culinary fanatic, Turkey holidays are guaranteed to fit your bill, servingup everything from white sandy beaches and secluded bays, to immense historicalsites and wonderful cultural environments. Relaxation and exploration tend togo hand in hand in Turkey, from delving into the culture and comfort of atraditional Turkish bath to admiring the ancient ruins scattered before you asyou dine on delicious Turkish grub.

Beach breaks come as consistently as city breaks acrossTurkey, ensuring the country boasts countless things to do for all manner of holidaymakers.

When To Go..

Beach-friendly temperatures are par for the course inTurkey. Whichever part of the country you’re visiting, expect things to starthotting up around Easter – temperatures in the early 20s are common as early asApril. By July, they’ve crept up to the 30°C mark – and they’ll often climbeven higher. Plus, the summer months pack in a whopping 12 hours of sun a day.If you prefer things a bit cooler, autumn temperatures usually hover in the midto high 20s, and there are still plenty of blue-sky days. Even in winter, youwon’t need a hat and scarf – in Antalya, average temperatures are between 15 and20°C. Expect a bit more rain at this time, though.

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